Who are these Moms?

We are a bit deeper than a paragraph or two of information, but here goes nothing! Our brief introduction…

We are known by our friends as Kim, Mandy and Henry. I spend my work days doing UI web development for a major travel company. I pretty much dig it. Mandy spends all her work time checking and protecting little baby ears – you got it, audiologist. Our little guy Henry spends his school days at a fantastic Montessori school that we have all fallen in love with. He’s been attending since he was 18 months ago.

I guess we could be considered a blended family. I’m from Massachusetts and Mandy is from Mississippi. We landed in Texas separately, but it’s probably been the safest place for a Yankee and a Southerner to start a family *wink*. Ask either of us where we want to live and you’ll get an earful about my old home, Cape Cod.

Three years ago, after three years of trying, our perfectly wonderful and adventuresome son, Henry, was born. While we had plenty of fun before he came around, life has been truly amazing since he joined us. Mandy is the one that gets to take credit for growing him, but I try really really hard to nurture my butt off to make him like me too.

Overall we are a pretty laid back family. We know when to be serious, but have a lot of fun kicking back and enjoying our time together. I know we still have plenty to learn during our time here. I hope by running this blog we bring some of those lessons home, just as I hope we can help lead some to lessons important to them.

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