#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 14

I’m still a little sore from falling off the wagon! I fell behind posting, but I did keep on snapping photos. I’ll be updating my posts very soon, but if you are just dying to see other photos, I also have an album on Flickr.

Weekly tip: Don’t sweat it if you fall behind, just keep taking photos. You can always catch up when you find a little time.


{92 of 366} – missed shot… oops!

{93 of 366} – Baby no more

I can’t believe how fast Jonah is growing. He seems to be going on warp speed compared to Henry. We had a beautiful weekend last week. Got to spend lots of time outside, which meant lots of chalk drawing and running around for the boys.


{94 of 366} – Morning, Mr. Bee

The bees love our Texas lavender plants. Luckily they are too distracted by the flower loveliness to worry about bothering any of us.


{95 of 366} – Relaxo-2001

Henry invented the Relaxo-2001 for me so I could relax while it walked me around where I needed to go. Love this kid!


{96 of 366} – Dinner!

The lighting from the cell phone ruined the awesomeness of the steaks’ look. Let me assure you, it was beautiful and yummy!


{97 of 366} – Must Minecraft

Minecraft has hit the household! Henry is a huge fan. Everything now is about Steve, Alex, creepers and the Nether.


{98 of 366} – The grumpy shuffle

Someone was particularly grumpy and not happy when mom started taking photos with her phone. So of course, I took lots of photos.


That’s the week! I hope everyone is still taking photos, even if you don’t have time or desire to post all the time. If you fell off the wagon, you are welcome back any time!

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