#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 13

Catch up post! I missed posting week 13 initially, but here she is!

{85 of 366} – Work buddy

Henry playing while I was getting some work done. Minecraft is a big deal in this household right now. He’s going to lose his mind when he finds out he gets to use it in school next year.


{86 of 366} – Dyed eggs and forced smiles

By the time this photo hit, they were tired of me saying, “say cheese!” Ha!


{87 of 366} – Egg hunt

Post confetti egg madness. They were fun, but we quickly found out that Jonah (19 month old) thinks egg shells are candy.


{88 of 366} – Crawfish!

They were a little bit of a disappointment, but we finally got our hands on some mud bugs.


{89 of 366} – Oh no!

{90 of 366} – Oops…

{91 of 366} – Salad time

Looks like next week we need to take lettuce off the grocery list and go harvest!


That’s the week! It’s a little late, but at least it’s here. Happy clicking!

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