#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 12

Catch up post! I missed posting week 12 initially, but here it is!

{78 of 366} – Frisbee fun

Who doesn’t love a little frisbee time?


{79 of 366} – Give me five

That’s one heck of a potholder!


{80 of 366} – Evidence

Here it is. Photographic evidence that Henry’s room can be clean!


{81 of 366} – Bedtime reading

Henry went for the light reading this evening. I believe we learned about kinetic and potential energy.


{82 of 366} – Hmmm

I’m not sure, but apparently I was in a rush! It was my only photo of the day 🙂


{83 of 366} – Before the storm

I was enjoying the full moon and Jupiter show before the tornado storms forced us into the shelter. It was a beautiful sight watching the storms surround the moon.


{84 of 366} – First missed photo of the year.

It was a fun week. I’m disappointed I missed a day, but it serves as a reminder to start making sure I get at least one photo a day!

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