#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 11

Catch up post! It’s a week of Jonah I guess. He tends to jump in front of the camera more than Henry lately. I missed posting week 11 initially, but here it is!

{71 of 366} – Sweet boy

Jonah being quiet and sweet.


{72 of 366} – Sweet or psychotic

Ha ha. This photo creeps me out a little. I think it just reminds me of The Shining.


{73 of 366} – Jonah and his girl

Jonah and his sweet girl friend, Harper. He’s loved her since the first day they met. He loves showing her how to do everything she hasn’t quite mastered yet.


{74 of 366} – Working with Mommy

Jonah was home with an ear infection so he got to enjoy a little Sesame Street while Mommy worked.


{75 of 366} – Hello Jupiter

This isn’t stacked, so it’s not super clear, but I finally caught Jupiter on a day without too much air turbulence.


{76 of 366} – Colors!

The guys love playing colors, otherwise known as chalk drawing.


{77 of 366} – Spreading the weeds

Henry and Jonah spreading the dandelions around the yard. Lovely.


That’s week 11!

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