#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 10

Catch up post! This was a fun week!

{64 of 366} – World Day

The boys’ Montessori school does a multicultural event each year where all the kids and their families represent the area they are from. Food is always amazing. Pokola from Pakistan was a huge hit with these guys.

Not a great photo, but a heck of a time.


{65 of 366} – “Ice cream!”

Everyone needs a good Menchies break from time to time. These two are enjoying their yogurts and funny faces.


{66 of 366} – LEGO focus

They both are in deep with LEGOs.


{67 of 366} – Jimmy’s!

This usually only happens if I’m too busy to leave for lunch, but I loooove my Jimmy Johns lunch days.


{68 of 366} – Green morning

It’s springtime in Texas. We had a wicked line of storms roll in. This photo doesn’t capture exactly how green it go out there.


{69 of 366} – Steve!

I’ll probably not go a week now without a Minecraft photo. It’s a lot like LEGOs, so Henry is h-o-o-k-e-d.


{70 of 366} – Morning guest

Woke up to this little guy in the living room. NOT OKAY. Luckily he wasn’t a bad snake, regardless he got a ride out of the yard.


Finally, week 10 is up 🙂

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