#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 6

Week 6! I don’t feel like my photos got much priority last week. I did catch the boys though having some fun moments during the week 🙂

Weekly tip: I almost missed my first day. For me it’s inevitable. My suggestion? Find or take a really goofy photo that you can place in the spot of any photos you miss. It’ll cheer you up when you realize you missed one. It’s also pretty fun if you print out a book of the year.


{36 of 366} – Square head

Walking around with a box on your head is pretty entertaining to 1 and 5 year olds.

Jonah walking around with a box on his head

{37 of 366} – Dance fever

This guy… He is obsessed with music and dancing. Sometime I’ll have to post a video of him doing the Mexican Hat Dance on my blog. It’s pretty awesome.

Jonah dancing

Here’s a link to the dance from back in November.

{38 of 366} – LEGO AT-AT: Mission ACCOMPLISHED

Henry’s been asking for this AT-AT for 2 Christmases. He finally got it, then went on a LEGO break (what the heck, man?!). He broke the LEGO silence and tore through this puppy.

Henry posing with finished AT-AT lego

{39 of 366} – Here birdie, birdie, birdie

Our birds have vanished! I’m trying to coax them back in the yard with some peanut butter pinecones.

Hanging peanut butter pinecone feeders

{40 of 366} – Give me silence

A quick view of my work space in a little quiet room at the office. Love the colors in these rooms.

Laptop on a small desk

{41 of 366} – Star Wars LEGOs

Accomplishing the AT-AT was pretty exciting, so we made some room on a shelf to show him off. This is a photo he wanted to send over to a school friend.

Henry in front of a LEGO shelf

{42 of 366} – Later, Lappie

A new year, a new lap top. With all the acquisitions going on, I’m starting to get used to getting a new laptop each year.

Back of MacBook Pro

That’s the week! I hope you are all still having fun with the challenge. Enjoy shooting your next week.

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  1. Thanks April, I was pretty pleased with how my hair turn out this go around. I thought about doing a full blog post on it, but didn t. I realized I didn t have many Roxy pictures these last couple weeks, so had to throw a few in this last week Thanks Kim. It s one of my favorites from the week. We have a few flowers sprouting around our yard. It s exciting.

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