#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 5

It’s week 5 results time. No iPhone photos this week right? WRONG. Oh well. I’m still using my camera more than normal.

Weekly tip: We are starting to hit the point where it gets a little hard to find a shot for every week. Even if it’s a quick shot, try and get something down by the middle of the morning. It’ll help you not feel boxed in and pressured. Remember if you feel any frustration, this is for FUN.


{29 of 366} – Hi Mommy!

Jonah loves swinging in his new cozy coupe swing.


{30 of 366} – ISS fly over

It’s been a good few days to run out and catch the International Space Station (ISS) fly over the last few nights. Early enough for Henry to catch it and wave. The station is the lowest “star” in the tree.


{31 of 366} – Brother time

These two both love pushes on the swing. It was gorgeous out, we needed to take advantage and get some fresh air.


{32 of 366} – Relax

One of my favorite views after the kids’ bedtime every time. Ahhhh.


{33 of 366} – Dust scouting Scout

This overgrown puppy keeps this backyard in order. No bobcats back here!


{34 of 366} – Germs

We had a week of many germs with Jonah. Poor guy got all whizzy. At least he’s a rock star with his breathing treatments. It’s known as Yo Gabba Gabba time here. YouTube bribery at its finest.


{35 of 366} – Sleepy girl

This girl. Love her.


That’s the week! I hope you are all still having fun with the challenge. Enjoy shooting your next week.

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    1. Ha! It’s a tea bag. I was starting to eat way too much in front of the TV each evening while we have our hour of down time after bedtime. I needed to intervene with some tea.

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