#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 4

Well, it’s iPhone photo week! It wasn’t intentional, it was a crazy week. Two days off painting that turned into a day plus three more with a sick kid. I did what I could. I hope you enjoy the window into my week.

WEEKLY TIP: I joked about this in a comment I left on another’s blog, but it’s an honest goal – Don’t feel guilty if you are taking a lot of photos with your phone. Lets face it, it’s there with you most of the time. Instead of hating it, embrace it. The photo quality tends to be terrible unless you are outside in perfect light. To beat the quality, look at the angles and content placement in your shots. It’ll help you (and others) ignore the grain that comes with terrible phone cameras. Look at it as an extra challenge, I do!

We’re a month in! Enjoy shooting week 5.


{22 of 366} – Reading time

Every night Henry and I spend about thirty minutes reading before bedtime. He’s starting to want a little more, so I push him to enjoy the extra time by reading to himself. He’s still learning, but he can get through a lot of his old favorites.

Henry in bed reading Wacky Wednesday

{23 of 366} – Soul man

Henry had a little practice time with his electric guitar. Need to bring it to the shop, darn thing won’t tune…

Henry with his black electric guitar

{24 of 366} – PREGAME!

Well we didn’t get the results we were hoping for but at least we got a cute shot with Papa (I am looking forward to watching the Broncos get annihilated in a week).

Jonah with Papa

{25 of 366} – Operation “lighten this madness UP”

A big portion of our house was painted in dark dark country colors by the previous owners. Lately we’ve been kicking that craziness OUT. We are in the middle of replacing dark brown with a greige (ignore molding not touched up yet <-- my way of saying I'm not a sloppy painter).

Greige and brown comparison shot

{26 of 366} – Coughin’ blues

Jonah ended up having almost the whole week out of school due to an ear infection and a tough cough. Apparently he’s one of the lucky ones. Lots of kids are leaving with the flu. So we felt “lucky” while waiting at the doctors office.

Jonah waiting at the doctors office

{27 of 366} – Brother time

I love that this isn’t a rare scene at the house. While these too love to fight, they really enjoy each others company.

Henry and Jonah coloring at an easel toghether

{28 of 366} – My little pig, eating pig

I have yet to find a food Jonah won’t devour. He found his brother’s plate with most of his dinner left on it, he quickly jumped up on the chair and took over. He even drank his left over milk. Ha!

Jonah eating

Not bad for a week of iPhone shots! This next week I already have some on my DSLR, so I’m feeling a little better πŸ˜‰ Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 4

  1. I love that you set aside a half hour to read and he is starting to do a bit himself. This is my favorite part of bedtime, always has been and probably always will be.

    I love the color you’re going with, pretty!

  2. I never would have guessed they were iphone pics. It’s amazing how great the phone pics really do come out when you do a good job with them. I love the angles you chose, and I do that too, when I can – look for a way to make the photo more interesting! I’ve only used my phone so far, but hoping to change that up a bit going forward. Jonah’s face is so sweet, so the pic at the doctor’s office is super cute. I’m sorry he wasn’t feeling well! That’s so funny he eats so much, too, my kid mostly eats like a bird. That’s so great about Henry loving reading too. Homer’s been listening to me read him the first Harry Potter book recently, and I think some is going over his head, but I love that he still enjoys it. πŸ™‚

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