#CatchTheMoment366 linkup – week 1

It’s a new year, it’s a new challenge (and I’m feeling gooooood).

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about my camera (set up pictured below). I’m still far from an expert, but I wanted to rejoin the #CatchTheMoment challenge this year to force myself to keep my camera out more. Our past leader, Mindy Stavish, announced her need for a break this year, so in order to stay with the challenge I’m now co-hosting it. In other words, I can’t duck out of it this time!

I have a few personal photo challenges I’m hoping to tackle this year. I’m looking to make an ABC book and also seriously stepping up my astrophotography game. As I start to dig into these, I’m sure I’ll share my goals and photos in case anyone else wants to join.

Each week I’ll try to share a tip to help you through the challenge. My first couple of weeks will focus on how to be successful through this challenge, then I’ll share a few shooting tips/tricks/ideas. TIP: Draft your year of posts! Take a little bit of free time and set up your posts in advance if you are blogging. This way you just need to find the time to attach your photos. It’s a small step that will help you not skip a week.

Enjoy the challenge!


{1 of 366} – Saying goodbye to Christmas

I love Christmas and everything that it brings into the house. By New Years though, I’m ready to kick it out until next year. Pictured here is one of my favorite keepsakes from back home, Chatham Lighthouse ornament.

{1 of 366}

{2 of 366} – Blocks

Anyone that follows us knows that we are surrounded by LEGOs. Henry has been a LEGO head for a couple of years now. Jonah, pictured here, has just started his collection of Duplos. Now if LEGOs would only be considered gold in opened and used condition, we’d be rich!

{2 of 366}


{3 of 366} – Doing the Robot!

The boys and I were jammin’ in the morning. I grabbed my camera and caught a few fun shots. This is one was the winner.

{3 of 366}


{4 of 366} – I love you too

Henry loves writing on our to-do board (The Lovering List) we have out in the kitchen. I love finding the little messages he quietly leaves. He left this the morning that everyone went back to school. It was a hectic morning. This served as a beautiful reminder to slow down, don’t sweat it, and love each other.


{5 of 366} – What’s in my bag?

As one of my first introduction photos I wanted to share what I’ll be shooting with. I’m an ex-Cannon owner that is totally in love with my Nikon. My lens are a 55-300mm, 50mm, and 11-16mm. I also shoot with a 9.5″ telescope that I’ll share. My iPhone certainly makes it mark in this challenge too.

{5 of 366}

{6 366} – Dinner

Loved the colors while this was grilling. Apple syrup pork. It was delicious!

{6 of 366}


{7 of 366} – Bananas

Something about them. I had just read a story about a giraffe being euthanized in FL due to a freak accident in his holding pen. The story stayed with me after we just lost a baby giraffe in Dallas not that long ago. The similar colors drew me in. Weird, but honest. Once I looked at them through my camera lens, I had to catch the textures. Now I want a micro lens 🙂

{7 of 366}

That was my week 🙂 If you are new to the challenge, you’ll quickly see that it’s not necessarily about all gorgeous shots, it really is just about catching moments and having fun. Don’t over think it.

Until next week!

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