Who’s birthday was this really?

I was lucky enough to spend my 40th birthday running around DFW with Henry. We don’t get much alone time that doesn’t include me working, so this was a nice change. Most of the stops were geared around him, but lets admit that makes it a happier day for me too.

We started off at the Dallas World Aquarium. I’d consider it more of an urban zoo, but it’s a cool place. Henry would of likely loved it if he didn’t tear through to get to the aquarium part. I couldn’t blame him much, it’s the part we were both looking forward to.

Henry by ray tank at Dallas World Aquarium
“Rays, Mommy, rays!”
Checking out the big fish tanks
We both loved the glowing jelly fish
Henry looking at map
Trying to find the shark tank on the map

After seeing some fish we headed off to the mall. Henry didn’t realize where we were actually heading to. Frankly I don’t even think he knew what a mall was. He just wanted to go somewhere new. Our secret destination was the LEGO store. We have a little LEGO store near us, but it’s with LEGO Land, so it’s not actually LEGO owned. This usually means the stock is suspect and nothing new is there.

We had to stop and pose at a fire hydrant before going into the mall. It's a hobby of Henry's.
We had to stop and pose at a fire hydrant before going into the mall. It’s a hobby of Henry’s.

I tried to get a video of him seeing the store, but he wasn’t facing me and the effect was gone. Needless to say, he was psyched! He checked out everything he dreams of (space ship set below) and picked out a submarine set he’s been eyeing. It’s a fun store. He even won a little minifigure he built doing a treasure hunt around the store.

Large space shuttle LEGO set
Henry’s dream LEGO set.

Afterwards we ran an errand over at IKEA. You know everyone spends their 40th birthday there, right?! It was actually a pretty entertaining trip in with Henry. He only went there once before, two or three years ago, so he doesn’t remember it. Mandy and I have been many times decking out toy areas and the boys’ bedrooms. He kept acting taken aback when he saw something he had in his room. It was cute. I never realized how much we got for the kids there.

Riding through IKEA with a step stool on his head.
Riding through IKEA with a step stool on his head.

We picked up a few things there, for them of course. Let’s be real, it’s half for us too since its things to keep life organized. I was hoping to hit the astronomy store while we were up in that area too, but it fell victim to the world of online/tax-free/cheaper shopping. Bummer. He was overpriced, but I liked being able to see things face-to-face.

The evening was a little chaotic, our little guy came home from daycare sick. It wasn’t an evening full of craziness like my 30th, but it was perfect. I had my three favorite people with me with many other favorites making my phone ring.

Thanks to all the birthday wishes to received from many of you. We had a blast.