It’s back to school day today for Henry. While he wants to act like it’s nothing, this is a big year for him. He is entering his third year of primary at his Montessori school. Otherwise known as, kindergarten.


I’m excited for what is in store for him this year. If he headed off to public school this year, he’d likely be a little too young since he just turned 5. With his current school he’s in the year that ties up everything he’s learned the last two years and helps mature him. He’s no longer the young 3 year-old that went in and was so happy not to be in the “baby” (toddler) level. He’s beyond the busy 4 year-old that is constantly trying to scoot around responsibility and saying something is a “big kid’s” job. This year, is his year. He is the big kid this year. It’s time to be the mentor to the new 3 year-olds and an example to the 4 year-olds. It’s his year to have freedom to roam the campus a bit and to be responsible for leading all the younger ones to the office (big big deal for a 5 year-old).

I wish him the best this year. He has so much to gain.


Don’t worry Henry, there is a whole year until I ask you to go through the “torture” of back to school photos again.


Next week is Jonah’s turn! He gets to join the toddler room. I can’t wait. There will be photos 😉


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