Reboot time

Looking at my blog I realize how incredibly outdated things are. How bad is it? There is a 14 month old kid missing! Good grief.

Like everyone else, we’ve been busy with work, life, and kids. To be honest, the fight to be recognized as a blog made writing feel way too much like a job. I respect that other people use a blog to make some side cash and get cool stuff to try out, but I don’t want another job! So the fun went away and I let everything go.

As I’ve been away, I’ve thought many times of things I’d like to share. Before I sat down to write, it already felt like a burden. What do I do to have someone see this? Do I need to make this image so it works on Pinterest or some kind of tie in so people follow a link? Blech. I don’t need another job!

So I’m back with the idea that I have zero intention of worrying about numbers, ads, sponsored stuff. Anything I share is simply because I like it and I like to type to myself.

If you like it, awesome! I like to pretend some conversation may come from posts.

In the spirit of sharing, because it’s fun, here are some updated photos we just had done on our summer vacation back home to Cape Cod. You’ll find that the 14 month old that’s been missing from here is pretty stinking cute!

Henry and Jonah at the beach
This was Jonah’s first vacation to the beach. He didn’t eat as much sand as we all expected.


Kim, Mandy, and Jonah
Jonah having a swing!


Henry and Jonah sea side
These boys! This is a great example of a good photographer taking a shot. Henry is actually dragging Jonah into the ocean here. In about 2 seconds he’s soaking wet. Here, you’d never know! They just look sweet as can be.


Henry jumping
JUMP! This is pure Henry.

Kelly Cronin deserves a lot of credit for these photos. If you are ever in the area of Cape Cod and you are looking for family or wedding photos, she is one of the best. 



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