Finally, moving day!

While moving this past Saturday I sat down and wrote down a few thoughts. Now that we are in the house I wanted to share them.

Movers at the storage unit

It’s moving day! The trucks are here at the storage units and my VERY pregnant wife is at home taping up a couple full boxes. Her main job is it keep her water in place and the baby inside!

We started this whole adventure last October. When we had Henry almost 4 years ago we knew that we had one embryo left. Over those couple of years we talked about what to do with it. Neither of us felt okay just letting it go. It didn’t feel right adopting it out (I think this option is awesome, it just wasn’t the right choice for us this time). With all our waffling we both knew the entire time that we’d give it it’s fighting chance to survive. It’s intended fate would be allowed to be seen. A couple of percentage points later (in the teens I believe) we got a BFP.

Holy shit. What in the world are we going to do with two kids? All our baby sitters except for one are 1,500 miles away. Our house was suddenly too small. My one-way hour commute felt like 4. Something drastic needed to happen for this to work out without messing with our family dynamic.

We would have loved to move to Cape Cod. In fact that was the plan if we got a positive pregnancy result. Still when push came to shove our standard of living was going to change drastically. Work wasn’t nearly as easy to find. When we did find it the pay scale is light. The housing market is high. It was a lot to deal with when there were too many unanswered questions. So we focused on where we wanted to move to in the DFW area.

We focused on the Grapevine / Colleyville area. The ISD is fantastic (I’m sure they’ll be headed to public school at some point since two are tough in private school…). It was close to the kid’s Montessori school, the commute to work was totally acceptable, and the cities are wonderful. I’ll admit, I was totally focused on Colleyville. I like Grapevine, but I LOVE Colleyville. It reminds me of home. It’s quaint, people hold a high standard, and the people are incredibly nice. There is a pride that exists in this little town in the middle of DFW.

We looked, we looked, we looked. We bid, we lost a few, and felt pretty beat down. We sold our home in 8 days. Fantastic, but scary when you haven’t found a replacement. Our buyers were kind and let us rent from them for a month. Still no new home. We headed off to a three-month apartment with high hopes we’d be gone by the end of our short lease.

Here we are today. A week from the end of our lease. We found an amazing home in Colleyville that I still can’t believe we found. We found it fast enough there wasn’t a bidding war and it stayed just in our range. The more time I spend there the more perfect the house feels. It’s 2 minutes from Henry’s school and 4 minutes from all the public schools. Is on a half-acre (which is like having 5 acres outside of the metroplex). Gorgeous pool, a play structure, amazing landscaping, gorgeous neighborhood… We’re just so in love with it.

The universe took care of us. I have such a deep feeling of appreciation and joy moving, that I needed to share it. I know that we are lucky to be in our position and I remind myself of that everyday. We’ve worked hard and played well. It’s paid off. We only have one last piece to this big puzzle we’ve been part of. Once we have a second healthy boy napping in our arms in the livingroom, I’ll feel like nothing could be better.

Cheers from one lucky Mom!


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