New Heroes of the City Baby App

Heroes of the city has released a new app! This time they’ve aimed for the 0-2+ age range. I think the app looks great for a young iPhone/iPad user.

Heroes of the City Baby App

The app consists of three introductory videos to the city’s heroes and community members. There is a feature on Paulie, Fiona, and Calamity Crow. It’s a great introduction to a group of very cute cartoon friends. You can preview them here on YouTube.

There are four great activities for young minds. There is a shape matching activity that is perfect for an older infant. This helps them start to learn the drag and drop along with matching shapes and colors.

Heroes of the City Baby App: matching shapes

Next is the balloon pop. This is sure to be a hit! Anything that let’s them tap/smack the screen and get a nose and visual reaction is sure to win over any young user. I really appreciate (and I’m sure you will too) that this isn’t limiting to its youngest users. By all of the balloons having tap actions this shouldn’t be a frustrating experience for the younger infant.

Heroes of the City Baby App: balloon pop

Another winner is the coloring app. I like how this changes color with every new stroke. It’s too much to assume a 1-year-old can switch colors confidently. This should allow for some frustration free play time for your little one.

Heroes of the City Baby App: coloring activity

Last but not least is the car driving music actively. There isn’t much more an infant likes than something that makes a bunch of noise. Best part, these aren’t annoying noises.

Heroes of the City Baby App: music activity

Want to give it a shot? It’s free at iTunes and Google Play. The suggested age range is from 0 to 2+ years of age.

What to some more info on Heroes of the City? Here are some great ways to learn more: website | twitter | facebook

I hope you check out Heroes of the City Baby App and your little one loves it as much as I think they will. Have an older child? Check out our review of their Heroes of the City Movie App. It’s a sure win for your vehicle loving toddler.

Disclaimer: I was given a free product in return for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. It is amazing. I’m curious to see the difference just between our new son and Henry who’s almost 4. There are so many more options now I can really see him picking it up even faster.


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