Dinosaur World! A future big brother’s wish.

Within the next two weeks we’ll be welcoming a new little boy. We couldn’t be any more excited for him to come. While running around and trying to get the few things we can get in order before moving – yes we are moving 5 days before he’s due to come – we’ve been trying to make sure we have a plan to keep Henry entertained while the baby is still brand new.

We are big Fossil Rim fans, and every time we go, he checks out the big dinosaurs at the entrance. We were there just a couple of weeks ago and he asked if when Papa (my Dad) comes down to see “firetrucky” if they could go see the dinosaurs. I could not of thought of a better day trip! He’s so excited he can’t wait to go. It will be great for him to have some time with one of his favorite people.

We haven’t been before, but by the looks of the couple of models we see at Fossil Rim, Dinosaur World should be a hit! They have over 100 life-size dinosaurs on a paved path you walk through. Being outside on the edge of hill country is never a terrible thing! I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful backdrop.

They have a few new features that I think will be great to take him through too. There is an all new Dino Gem Excavation and you can pan and search for real minerals and gems! Then of course there is the boneyard. I can only imagine that this will blow a 3-year-old’s mind. I’m sure his Mommy and Papa are going to have a heck of a time too!

Did you do anything like this for your older kids as their brother/sisters arrived?



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Dinosaur World