#CatchTheMoment365 linkup – week 21

I have been taking photos, mainly with my iPhone, but I am WAY behind on posting these. When I signed up for this project I didn’t realize our relocation was going to stretch out to be 5 months long instead of two. Before our newest little Lovering comes in the next week or two I want to try to get things ramped up again. Soon this will be full of real camera photos again.


{143 of 365} – Ice cream

I was just getting to work and this giant ice cream passed me. I couldn’t let it go without taking a (safe) shot!

Day 143 of 365: May 23, 2014


{144 of 365} – Veggie babies

The new house we are moving to has some great garden space with raised beds all ready for us. Henry has some pumpkin babies out on our apartment porch that are also waiting for their new home.

Day 144 of 365: May 24, 2014


{145 of 365} – Mixing it up

Having a last 3-year-old that is going through a major energy push is not a fun type of kid to have cooped up in an apartment. Luckily we have a big high school behind us so we like to go run on the track and football field. Sometimes we cheat and bring a baseball bat too.

Day 145 of 365: May 25, 2014


{146 of 365} – Focus

Major focus on coloring in some eggs before breakfast. We also learned how to play tic-tac-toe!

Day 146 of 365: May 26, 2014


{147 of 365} – Hockey boy

Pre-hockey day. The boy talks about it all week and then stands around and crawls on the ice when he’s out there. He still has fun but I hope at some point he stops getting frustrated and tries to learn a bit more. It’s amazing how much he has learned in a couple of months considering he gets mad so quickly.

Day 147 of 365: May 27, 2014


{148 of 365} – Car races

We’ve been going through a bit of love and logic lately and Henry was missing his cars for a bit. He finally got them back and they are back to the races!

Day 148 of 365: May 28, 2014


{149 of 365} – Ice cream celebration

We closed on our new home yesterday. We went out for a little after dinner ice cream to CELEBRATE!

Day 149 of 365: May 29, 2014
That’s a wrap! Look forward to coming back next week, I will be posting!

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