Move and family updates


Life has been incredibly crazy, so I had to give the blog a bit of a break. As the pile got too high I didn’t want to make this feel like more of a chore than fun.

We sold our home in March and had to move into an interim apartment. A little weird for Henry I think, but he’s adjusting. We flew my Mom down to remove Henry from the house as we were packing everything up and moving. Our aim was to try to remove him from the chaos as much as possible since this is a busy year for him too. I think it worked! Here’s a video of his first day in.

It’s been going okay at the apartment so far. It’s hard being on the second floor with an elephant of a three-year old, but we stopped stressing about it as much and he’s gotten used to having to be quieter. For a month or so we were still constantly looking for houses. The market has been dry so the prices were spiking up and everything required a bidding war. It got pretty frustrating but we held on to the believe that the universe will take care of us and the perfect house is out there waiting for us. I’m so glad we didn’t settle because the perfect house finally came!

We found a wonderful single story 4 bedroom home sitting on a beautiful half-acre lot in Colleyville. Almost an anomaly here in the DFW area. It has a great covered patio, gardens, a play yard, and a stunning pool. We have a few more weeks until closing, and can’t move in until the second week of June. A little stressful since Mandy’s induction day is only 9 days later, but we found something, so I won’t complain!

I’m sure this will be Henry’s hangout during all the sunlight hours.


Our focus now is trying to enjoy the next couple of quiet weeks and try not to focus on how ready we are to move into the new house. We’ll be becoming a family of 4, with very little sleep soon, so we need to relax while we can. We’ve been picking out new paint colors and figuring out how we’ll set up the house in our heads. I just can’t wait. I’m thrilled we found a home we really love.

It’s great to be back, cheers!


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  1. Lots of changes going on but everything is coming together nicely and I can’t wait for you to get setteled into your new awesome home with firetrucky too! Lots of excitement! Woohoo!
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