Believe it or not, your child is capable

I don’t write this to point fingers or to say I’m doing it better than someone else. Most of the time I feel like I’m just surviving this crazy ride called parenthood. My intention with this is to share what I wouldn’t have believed 4 years ago.

Before Henry was born I didn’t know much about Montessori. Mandy on the other hand had worked in the office of one of Dallas’ finest while she was working through her undergrad degree and was determined to give her child(ren) what she witnessed back then. Our process of how I came around and really believed in Montessori is a post I intend to write soon, but for now just trust that I found some of what they said a bit far-fetched for children so young.

We all know the Montessori check list that has been flying around Facebook and the rash of comments it’s been getting. While I dare to read the comments section on posts like this I flush the top and bottom 10% of nuts out and look for the average reaction. I was a little surprised by how many felt their kids weren’t capable or were too lazy to do these tasks. Then of course there were the one or two chores that got picked on. For example 2-3 year old carrying firewood and the 6-7 year old peeling potatoes or carrots.


Why are these chores considered so ridiculous? Henry is 3 and has carried firewood. One piece at a time of course. He’s even peeled carrots. Granted I may need to peel them more after he was done, but the idea here is that he’s participated within his family community. He’s helped prepare the food that will feed his group. This is huge. This is basic. This is primal.


Tip: Have kids that are picky eaters? Have them help with dinner! They typically are willing to eat so much more. Why? They were involved. You’ve peeked their curiosity.

I look at these things not only as a way to build your child’s confidence but also a way to teach them where they belong within their community. I do appreciate people’s words about not having your kids do your housework. This isn’t about enslaving your children, it’s about teaching shared responsibility. In my opinion, this is one of the best lessons you could introduce your children to as early as possible.

For whatever it’s worth, that’s my two cents. We are far from perfect with this or anything else. I know families that incorporate this so much more efficiently than we do, and that’s okay. We all work differently.

Trust your kids. They are bright bright individuals. Let their best parts shine.



One thought on “Believe it or not, your child is capable

  1. Great post – I think lack of information is the main reason people say these things are silly.. lack of information or maybe of experience… Everyone seems to say the same thing – we had no idea what the expect from Montessori until we got into it!

    I had someone comment on the firewood too… anything that is task based – they love to do. I can get Lennox to “fold” the laundry (of course, no perfectly and I end up re-doing it usually, but that’s not the point…). They love it all and have fun helping out. Loved the photo of Henry peeling the carrot – I haven’t had Lennox try that, I should.
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