The Lonely Beast 123 (Giveaway – ends 2/25)

Finding a good toddler iPhone or iPad app isn’t always an easy task. Not only do you need to find something that is within the range of your child’s cognitive ability, you have to find a developer that actually tests their product with kids. I’m surprised by how many apps out there are so fundamentally difficult for a child to use, never mind for the adult trying to figure it out. If we have to think about it for more than three seconds, it’s wrong. That’s how easy it is to weed out bad apps. As an app builder, that three-second rule is scary. You have to invest a lot of time to build out an app, even the not so great ones.

I’m happy to share The Lonely Beast 123 with you along with its predecessor The Lonely Beast ABC. These are both apps that a toddler will find easy to use and easy to enjoy. My son knows his numbers pretty well and his alphabet even better. I was curious how he would use these to apps. Frankly, he just LOVES them. In the span of an hour last night he played both half a dozen times. That’s impressive with a toddler’s attention span.

The Lonely Beast 123 is from a picture book by award-winning Chris Judge. The Lonely Beast has been transformed into to fun apps by Pilcrow. We hadn’t heard about The Lonely Beast collection before, but I have to say, they are now on my list of the next books to purchase when Henry gets a reading treat. He just loves this beast.


The Lonely Beast 123 is a pretty simple app but has so many little hidden gems. There is even a little potty humor in there, which was a huge hit with Henry (make sure you tap the beast on the #2 screen). The easter eggs are what really make this app. Of course it’s great and fun to go through and touch the number of items you need to find for each screen, but the extras get those little faces smiling and giggling even more.


Henry’s favorite last night (it will change daily) was the #12 screen with all the jumping sheep. He thought the sheep were hilarious, he had never seen or heard of the counting of sheep to help you fall asleep.

I think this app is a winner. For $1.99 at the iTunes app store this is one that will make some little people quite happy. Note that this is available for the iPhone and the iPad.


Once we saw The Lonely Beast 123 we had to check out The Lonely Beast ABC. It’s another winner! It’s easy to use and navigate through and again has some fun animations while going through the letters.


Henry loved the N is for night card. The stars sounded like fireworks when you tapped them and they shot through the sky.

The Lonely Beast ABC is another app winner! This one is available for both the iPhone and iPad at the iTunes app store for $2.99.

Both of these iPhone / iPad apps are built well for a toddler. You can’t go wrong with either of them. If you are looking for this type of app, you won’t be wasting your pennies.

Want some more information about The Lonely Beast then check them out on their Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Now that we all want this great toddler iPhone / iPad app, lets giveaway a couple of copies!

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