#CatchTheMoment365 Linkup – week 6

This project is starting to make me realize how fast the weeks fly by lately. Into week 6 already! My subject matter wasn’t too exciting this past week, but I managed to squeeze out a couple photos I really enjoy.


{38 of 365} – Take me away

Last week was a little trying losing out on another house. This was the night that we kinda knew weren’t going to be picked from the pile of offers and this just kinda summed up how I felt. Odd, but true.

February 7, 2014


{39 of 365} – More blooms

I had to celebrate more blooms on our orchid. So happy to see it surviving.

February 8, 2014


{40 of 365} – Wooden garage

Henry is a garage building fool. This was one of my favorites from Sunday. His explanations of how they work and why they are set up certain ways is so intricate.



{41 of 365} – Car talk

Henry doing what he loves most, playing with his cars. I think they just got in an accident and he was fixing them in the pit.



{42 of 365} – I forgot to take a photo! I totally kicked that soap scums butt…

Exactly that. I let a day go by with no photos but I did kick the soap scums a$$ on our glass shower door. That’s something, right?



{43 of 365} – Tea time

Mandy and I really enjoy our tea. I brewed a decaf blend and Henry asked to try it out. So he had his own cup. Yes, it’s a shot glass. Shhh 🙂



{44 of 365} – Waiting for his boy

The dog in black was lazing around today while we had some work done on the house. He slept most of the day in Henry’s area, just waiting for him to come home.


That’s a wrap!

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