Have we passed the 3-year-old hump?!

Terrible twos? Please. Give me a moody 2-year-old over a head strong, sprint running, perfectly aimed, head butting 3-year-old any day. Sorry first time moms, if no one has broken it to you yet, 3 is just an amplified version of the twos. If you have a boy, they’ll start to be strong enough to knock you to the floor. It’s fun!

In truth, even when Henry has been REALLY pushing our buttons the last 6 months or so, I’m proud of him for being so head strong. He’s a very confident little guy that knows what he wants. While that inevitably creates constant chaos in our routine, it’s what his job is at 3. It’s the time for him to push boundaries, observe how people react to his actions (good and bad), demand answers to a lot of questions, and just be him.


Henry's cute mug © 2014 Two Moms and a Kid


For Henry I think the last couple of months have been a little extra trying. He’s not only dealing with his 3-year-old emotions, he has a little brother on the way (he’s still not convinced his baby brother is going to live with us), and we are running around looking at houses and telling him not to touch anything. That’s really tough for a little guy but he’s taken it in stride, as have his moms.

He has a couple of things that go on regularly that really make him happy outside of school. “Hockey” is the biggest one. In quotes because it’s really just tots skating class, but in his mind it’s HOCKEY. Last night we showed up for class after talking about it Monday night, Tuesday morning in the car, and while being picked up after school. We drove up, all dressed and ready to go to find out there was no class that night. Ut Oh.


I expected a serious melt down in front of the skate pick up. They offered us free skate time but it was the one day in two months I was all dressed up from a business meeting and I couldn’t go out and skate this him. After about 5 tears he ran over to the little rubber hockey rink they have and he said we’ll just play there instead. So him and I played floor hockey while Mandy cheered from the side for awhile. We ended up having a heck of a time.

While we were playing I slowly explained why we weren’t going to ice skate and let him choose where to go to dinner. After 30 minutes or so he was ready to start to head out and go eat some blimps (mini-corn dogs – I prefer his name).

No tears. No fights. Totally happy. I couldn’t believe it.

While I know this won’t always be his reaction, I was happy to see what was coming. I think Mandy and I both needed to see that soon the kicking and screaming will end, and he is capable of understanding a change in plans, even when he doesn’t like it. There is some civility buried down in there.

So three cheers for a little man that has crossed the 3-year-old hump and is heading on to 4 with a heck of an attitude.



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