Marco… Polo

So I said a couple of weeks ago on Facebook “everyday I drive by our new home. I can’t wait to find out which one it is.” We’re still waiting.

Unfortunately the Grapevine/Colleyville area here in Texas is going through a bit of an inventory crunch. It’s great when you are selling, pretty terrible when you are buying.

We’ve found two houses, put in sold offers on both, one even being over the asking price, and we’ve been beat twice. The last one hurt. We were second out of five or six offers. It was a shame, we really saw ourselves being happy in that home. The outside was gorgeous and by a park, but most importantly the home layout was great for two young kiddos and moms that want safe areas for them.

It was thrilling that our home sold so quickly – 8 days on the market – but our move out day is quickly approaching. The thought of moving twice and moving into an apartment during the interim with a 3 year old, an old dog that needs to pee every 2 hours, and a 6/7 month pregnant wife just sounds awful to me.

I’m really not complaining. My definition of awful here is a little less than real awful. There are way worse things our family could be having to deal with. It’s just an inconvenience that will be an interesting story 5 years from now. When we are done living it and had a few years to forget about the little details. 🙂

I’m a firm believer in fate, I always have been. I know the right place is out there for us and we will be connected at some point. I just hope those sellers are cleaning their home and getting ready to put it on the market next week for us!

It’s always an adventure for the Loverings. The good thing is we usually end up smiling and laughing by the end. I have faith this will prove to work out the same way.

So if your friends are looking to sell their house within the DFW metroplex, now is the time. It’s one heck of a seller’s market.