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I was happy to get the opportunity to test out a great writing iPad app called WriteReader with Henry the last few days. I was excited about this app since he’s just beginning to try to read. I was curious to see if he had the same desire to try to write. I was happy to see he is! He has a bit of a learning curve with this initially, since he expects the letters to be in alphabetical order on the keyboard, but there is no time better than now for him to start to learn where they are in this format.


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The set up of this app is great. The idea is to go and write a book with your child using photos you have loaded on your iPad. They get to choose a photo then try to write out the words they want to say. You let them type out anything they feel is correct, then you can type out the correct spelling below it. It creates a fun interactive environment for you and your child to work through the first steps of reading. We’ve had lots of fun memories and discussions while learning how to write. Education is supposed to be enlightening and fun, this app certainly brings you both.


If you know Henry, you won't be surprised our book had to do with race cars. Please ignore that we are on a boat in this photo - he's 3. Ha!  © Writereader.com
If you know Henry, you won’t be surprised our book had to do with race cars. Please ignore that we are on a boat in this photo – he’s 3. Ha!
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We made a short book since the work was a little trying for Henry. The app isn’t difficult, it’s the learning to write process that is brand new to him. I didn’t want this to not be fun. I think we’ll start to make books that are longer and longer as he gets the hang of it.


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Papa and Henry on a go cart! © Writereader.com


Page 1: Race car! You can see here there is an area for your child to enter in text and then an area for you. There is also a record option, which we did use so he could listen to the pages later. The icons on the right also let you add thought/speech bubbles to the photos. There is so much you can do!


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“Race” boat! © Writereader.com


Page 2: Race boat! This kid has a one track mind – speed.


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© Writereader.com


Once you are done editing the book you can save it and it’s added to your library. You can simply open it and enjoy it on your iPad or you can print or email it so you can share it with friends and family. I think Grandma and Papa will be getting some books from Henry very soon.


© Writereader.com
© Writereader.com


When you read the book they can still see the two lines of text you both typed out along with a play button to play any voice recordings you added to the page. There is also an option to edit from these screens too.

Overall I think this is a great iPad app. Currently it is priced at $6.99 at the iTunes store. If you have a child that is starting to read and write and you are looking for something to help you work with them, I think this app is a great investment. Not only can you help them learn, but you can create some great memories that are easy to save and look back on later.

Curious about WriteReader? Go check them out on their Web siteFacebook page, or Twitter.


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