A weekend away from home

After a couple of weeks of cleaning, reorganizing, and de-Christmasing it was finally time for us to just leave the house for a couple of days and let some prospective families tour our home. It’s always a little odd knowing perfect strangers are walking into our space, but it’s a necessary step to move our family forward to our next place. Our security cameras ease those nerves too.

My mom and dad are still in two visiting, so we took advantage of the time and spent the whole weekend with them, which they were baby sitting our niece for the weekend. It was forced relaxation and I didn’t realize how much Mandy and I really needed it!

There was nothing we could clean or organize, no errands to run out the door and do, it was just us, books, kids, and football. It was exactly what we needed.

A few times the kids headed over to the playground or just outside to play while the weather was beautiful. We haven’t gotten any offers on the house yet, though we do have a couple very interested lookers. Regardless, I was able to capture some fun shots of the kids playing over the weekend.


There were lots of hands in the air while running around in the sun!


More hands! Weeeeeeeee


Our old man Maxwell has been having a *ruff* month. We dragged him out for some time in the sun too. Proved to be exactly what he needed too.


Hey! What are you doing down there Mommy?


Coming doooooown…


Burn that energy kid!


Must. Not. Fall. Off.


He walked away from the Jeep Power Wheel to bomb around in the old school car.




They got in a lot of good grandma and papa time.


A happy Mama makes a very happy family 🙂


Here’s to a good week and a good followup weekend.



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  1. Sometimes ya just gotta get away! At least thats what I keep telling the Hubs… I could use a weekend of fun 🙂 And I totally get the weirdness of having strangers looking around your home. Its definitely a strange thought!
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