We’re on the market!

You already heard if you read our 2014 is going to be wicked post that we are in the middle of getting our house on the market. Today is the official day. We are on the market!

It’s been a little crazy here since Christmas. Knowing that we were shooting to go on the market today, we had to take down Christmas the day after and have spent many many hours since then, organizing/decluttering spaces, moving surplus to a storage facility, painting, cleaning, interviewing realtors, signing paperwork, yard work, windows – We’re pooped! The house looks great though. I’ll be proud to let people in to see the work we’ve done and the love we’ve put into these walls.

This will prove to be a hard move. We really love our home. It was going to be a long-term home for us, but the commute it starting to prove itself too long. Henry and I spend a couple of hours in the car everyday, and that just sucks. There is nothing good to come from a kid that has to get out of the car to immediately have dinner and then have to start to get ready for bed. He needs his downtime as much as I do. So it’s time to find a new place to love and care for with only a 20 minute commute (I get giddy when I think about this).

We’ve sold before, so this isn’t a new experience for us but with a 3-year-old, keeping the place spotless is a heck of a job. Hopefully we’ll find our home’s new owner sooner than later.

Any one out there that sold while their children were young and have any tips, feel free to share! We have toys in bins so it’s easy to clean quickly, but sometimes it’s more than the toys. The crumbs, finger prints and general mess a little boy leaves behind him is quite impressive.

Fingers crossed!



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  1. When we tried to sell, we asked that we get at least 30 minute notice when people wanted to look at our house.

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