2014 is going to be wicked!

2014 really is going to be wicked!

Over the last month I’ve been a little nervous about how 2014 may play out. The year is going to be a great year, but this year is going to be a busy and exciting year!

This year our family is going to completely change. I’m happy to share with you, my new blogging family, that we will be adding a new baby boy to our family in June! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Mandy is finally through her first trimester and loving life again.

Henry can’t wait. He was pretty determined it was gonna be a girl at first, but now that he realizes this little guy isn’t going to be immediate toy competition, he’s happy.

With this news comes the reality that my kid toting, 2 hour (round trip), commute sucks. So in a couple if days our house is going on the market. So we can add a new home on to our 2014 list!

The decision to move is a little bitter-sweet. We’ve been here for a few years and done so much work on the house. We have great (quiet) neighbors and have some of our best friends just a few doors down, but the commute has become a bear. It’s far from work, Henry’s school, and soon his brother’s daycare. Honestly, we could also use one more bedroom. We are keeping our fingers crossed that things move quickly. I don’t feel like being kicked out of our house every weekend. You know it’ll be at nap time every time too…

Around all of these new changes, I’ll be finally graduating. I’ve been taking online courses over the nights and weekends for the last year to try and wrap up a degree I’ve felt completely guilty about for the last 14 years. I don’t specifically need it for work at this point in my career, but I really need it for myself. I loathed driving through campus while crossing town over the last few years. I felt very unaccomplished allowing that feeling to linger for so long. I’m proud that I’ll be finally finishing this Spring and that the monkey on my back and go find someone else to pester. If he doesn’t jump off quickly, I’ll use my honors tassel to beat him off. I look forward to dragging my very pregnant wife to my walking ceremony in May. Getting my congratulations hug from Henry is something that has helped me get through nights that I really didn’t want to deal with school.

While navigating this busy life, I’ll be continuing to work on growing this blog. I’ve enjoyed the last couple of months working on this. I’m hoping to grow my user base but most importantly continue to make some new friends. So in the spirit of a busy year, I’ve joined a 365 photo project. I was a lucky girl and got a new camera for Christmas, so I’m going to try and use it every day. It’s a fun group. If you are interested you should come join us at CatchTheMoment365.

I think this year is going to prove to be a busy year, but it should certainly be unforgettable. I look forward to watching it unfold. I’m sure I’ll forget to get the milk, get super aggravated while shopping for new home insurance (yuck), not to take a deep breath just as I really need to, or even lose sight of how lucky I really am, but I know those will be temporary lapses in a year that should prove to be wicked awesome!

I hope your year looks to be just as bright!



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    1. Yes! Gaining about an hour to an hour and a half a day will be priceless. I’m the one with the kids in the car too, so it’ll be a huge change for Henry. It’s too long for him. Fine when he was a baby, but now he needs more time to chill out after school.

  1. We will definitely miss having you guys right down the street, but I’m encouraged to know there’s gonna be an extra bedroom, just sayin. Cheers to a beautiful 2014!!

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