Our 2013 Christmas in review

We had such a great Christmas this year. This year was so much fun with Henry. While he was pretty excited about Santa last year, this year was at a level that brought so many great memories back from childhood. We were certainly in full Santa mode here this year. It was perfect. Best of all, while we ran around and felt a little stressed out about this or that, we were constantly reminded how lucky and blessed we are. There isn’t really any more you can ask for.

Now onto some photos! I’ve been trying to get out of auto mode, so these are all a little adjusted so bare with some of the imperfections.

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we headed to my sister’s house for some secret santa and dinner. The kids were so excited that it was FINALLY getting to Christmas. They were super cute.

A few posed photos in front of the Christmas tree before everyone gets dirty and disheveled.



Henry, give your cousin a kiss on the cheek. She did a brilliant job of avoiding it.



“Secret” Santa time!


There was a Christmas unicorn horn…



As always, the evening ended with Papa reading the Twas the Night Before Christmas.


Christmas Morning

Santa showed up!



This perfectly captures Henry and his Christmas high. It was so great. I loved watching him just be purely excited and happy.



Henry was a little unsure where to start. Our tradition is to go through our stockings, one by one, then have a little quick breakfast (cinnamon rolls) and coffee. Usually we have some Christmas lottery tickets we go through (which proves to be a waste of money every year) and then we head back for presents. My goal has always been to make it last so everyone can appreciate each thing they’ve received and the giver can enjoy their reactions.

We moved into the kitchen for our roll and lottery ticket. Henry was the big winner with $17.00.


It was time for stockings! Henry’s face when he got socks and underwear was pretty awesome. Reminded me of my cousin, Rich, when he got clothes.


Boats! Is there a life boat in there?!


We couldn’t forget Max. Poor guy was pretty doped up over Christmas on his new meds. He stayed awake long enough to enjoy his peanut butter stocking.


Henry got some pretty cool toys from Santa and everyone else. He has more toys then he’ll ever need…




Mommy was surprised with a new camera, so there were a lot of photos in our Christmas batch that looked like this…


Christmas Day

My sister, brother-in-law, and niece came over in the afternoon for some Christmas presents and dinner. Lennox was just as wired as Henry.

Mandy enjoying her new iPad while probably regretting getting me the new camera, since this was photo number 497. I was quickly warming up to capture some new Christmas moments.


Henry and Lennox comparing their photos of Santa that their parents each caught of the big guy the night before.


Lennox helping grandma open up her present.


Henry checking out something he or Mandy just opened.


The guys checking out Lennox’s new princess shoes.


Henry checking out one of Lennox’s new dolls.


She was pretty excited when she got it!


Lennox was having fun helping everyone one their presents.


By the end, Henry was just ready for some time with all his new wheeled friends.


We had a great Christmas. You can tell by Mandy’s face how many times I force her to take a selfie with me – lol.


I hope you were lucky enough to have one heck of a Christmas too! Have a happy and safe New Years.



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