A thankful reminder

We made it to our destination this afternoon safe and sound. Henry did awesome. He went from 7am to 5pm and he barely whined. I figured he’d be pretty good, but I really didn’t expect him to be that good. Super proud of him and feel incredibly lucky. We’ll see how he does going back in a couple of days. Not sure if we’re that lucky.

I look forward to being able to spend time with the in-laws this holiday. We don’t get to see them much. Henry’s been looking forward to this for awhile.

There were a few moments of quiet during our drive today while Mandy was sleeping and Henry was watching a movie. I started thinking of how thankful I am that even though I may not get to spend this holiday with all of those I love, they are celebrating this week too. I was reminded this week through conversations with those at work and new mom friends on Twitter that so many are having their first holiday without a loved one.

While I miss those that I can’t be with, I’m thankful I can simply call them on the phone. There are a few that I can’t call. Nana, Grammy D, Grandpa M, Grandpa L, Hazel B, Trey M, and Maw-maw D. For them I’ll be sure we stuff our faces, laugh a lot, enjoy a drink, and remember all the times they were here. They are all dearly missed.

So, I say, shed the stress of the season and enjoy the company you have. We all know time moves forward and you never know when your guest list may change.