Preparing for a long road trip

Like many others this time of the year, we are hitting the road to see family for Thanksgiving. We have a long ride ahead of us and I think this may be the first year we hear, “are we there yet?!” Henry is a good commuter. He’s in the car quite a bit each day with me, so I expect him to be patient for the first hour or two for the drive. What he’ll be like the other eight is the question.

We do have a few things that help him pass the time. He loves his LeapFrog reader, so we bring the library of green books with us. One of them is a vehicle book so he’ll be pointing out a lot of things he sees in the that book. He loves his vehicles!

Music usually works for a while. I’m hoping if we bring in some Christmas music that will entertain him a bit longer. He’s pretty excited about it being Christmas time! Maybe in a couple of years he’ll realize he keeps skipping Thanksgiving.

Of course we’ll have the iPad filled up with a few movies as a backup, but we try not to pull that out until absolutely necessary. We’ll have to place a few bets on which hour that comes out. I’m giving it until hour 3 to 4.

I’ve had a lot of friends mention coloring books as an idea of entertainment. I think we may need to try that this trip. It takes quite a few ideas to fill up 20 hours in the car!

Do you have any go to items for long car rides?

I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot of photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Please feel free to follow and join us.

We wish that you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving. There is nothing better than a day that you get to fill with reminders of how lucky you are to be alive and surrounded by those you love.

Also, don’t forget to get yourself a treat on Black Friday too!

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  1. We definitely do lots of movies in the car for the kids. And snacks. For the bigger ones we give them lists of things to try to find out the window. And I take a bag of toys that I let him play with one or two at a time (dinosaurs, cars, trains).
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