Henry, go back to bed

Henry is a great sleeper. We’ve been lucky that he always has been. We have on and off bouts of him waking up in the middle of the night calling out for a quick hug or some water, but nothing that really requires us to fully wake up. Over the last few weeks however, he’s started a new habit. At first I really loved it, now I’m ready to put a gate back up on his door. Major down fall of that, no bathroom access. So that can’t happen.

Henry wants to sleep with us. We never did true co-sleeping when he was a baby, we just had his bassinet right next to the bed. At times, when he was still little (before he was all knees and elbows), if he was sick or just couldn’t sleep, we would let him sleep in the bed for the remainder of the night. This wasn’t very often, maybe once or twice a month. All other times, he’s been in his own bed, own room, letting all of us sleep.

Now he’s been starting to run into our room if he wakes up in the middle of the night. At first it was just a time or two a week. Usually just an hour or minutes before we all needed to get up. He would be incredibly cute. He’d jump in-between us, tell each of us he loved us and then would pick one of us to curl up with.

The cuteness is starting to wear off. We now get a nightly visitor around 1 or 2 in the morning and he’s ready to talk, roll his car all over one or both of us or just wiggle around for hours. While we both love the morning time cuddles, three of us (and then usually the dog too) do not fit well on a queen size bed. So the nightly cuddles have been turning to nightly tears.

So far telling him to go back to bed hasn’t been too bad, but I feel bad about it. Usually I just pick him up so we can have a long hug-walk back to his room where I can tuck him back in. We don’t want to make him feel like the room is off-limits or that if he needs something he can’t come get us, but good grief, we need better sleep.

He still tries to come in nightly, but he’s learning that he needs to come in in the morning. We’ve set a rule that the sun needs to be up. I’m glad he still comes in then. I enjoy my early morning Henry cuddles. They are much more welcoming than the beeping alarm clock.

Have you run into the same issue? Did you find a solution that worked best for your family? We’d love to hear your ideas too.

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  1. We would be in a lot of trouble if we lived on the east coast. He’d be up at 5am every single morning.

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