Here we are again. I’ve really wanted to be able to get a system of writing set up for our family in the past, but never was able to get it set up enough to continue forward. In an effort to try and strip some things from our Facebook feeds and interacting with a different audience, we’re back!

So what is there to look forward to? You can bet on funny antics and stories of our weekend play. I also hope to document a bit of the story of our family, since so many feel too shy to ask. I’ve noticed that some think we’ll be offended by too many questions. I love to share our story. It’s not particularly unique, but it’s one that is getting more and more visibility. There are many ways families can be put together and we’re proud of our story.

I hope that over time this blog brings some good laughs and some things to think about.


Big thanks to Lea Minogue Photography for our photo!

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  1. Thanks so much for includmreme I love. Hearing Henry’s. Sweet. Voice. You have a. Great little family. I’m. Looking. Forward. To tuning in!!

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